If you have limited garden space but still want an amazing hot tub experience, this is the spa for you! Despite its small size, the Fraser River offers hydrotherapy and lighting features normally associated with much larger models. It’s the ideal choice for couples and small families wanting to relax together in comfort and serenity. You and your partner can relax on the twin loungers and enjoy a soothing massage to the background of the spa’s built-in waterfall. A total of 28 massage and air jets provide an unrivalled massage and hydrotherapy experience for a hot tub this size. The Fraser River is the ideal place to relax after work, but also offers a range of health benefits, including relief from stress, pain, fatigue, muscle tension and anxiety. All Hot Tubs have PVC skirting, which is easier to maintain than wood as it doesn't require treatment or varnishing. Real wood options are available if desired. Insulation foam under the shell and inside the skirting panels to help keep the water hot, reducing your electricity bills. It also lowers your pump noise, offering a more peaceful spa experience and helping keep your neighbours happy.


Name Fraser River
Size (cm) 210 x 170
Depth (cm) 90
Capacity / Seats 3 (1 seat and 2 loungers)
Jet Pump(s) 1 x 3 HP (2 speed)
Circulation Pump x
Total Jets 28
Stainless Steel Jets
Heater 2kW
Gecko™ Power System Gecko YJ2
Touch Panel Gecko IN.K300
Filtration (Sq. Ft.) 100
Underwater LED Main Light
Waterline LED Light 9
LED Fountain Waterfalls 1 Waterfall
LED Lit headrests
Bluetooth Audio System
Audio Speakers 2
Insulation Foam Shell
ABS Pan Base
Electric (Amps) 13
Weight (kgs) 216
Weight Filled (kgs) 1,496
Water Volume (Ltrs) 760
Warranty  1-controls, 2-acrylic, 5-structure