The Hydro P DL is the ideal choice for couples and small families wanting to relax together in comfort and tranquillity. We wanted to offer a high-quality hot tub that doesn’t cost a fortune but still contains 2 loungers so that you and your partner can spend time together, unwind and enjoy an invigorating massage comfortably on the twin loungers. The Hydro P DL provides a massage that is perfect for de-stressing and eliminating pressure and strain from your body. The hydrotherapy jets are carefully placed in areas adjacent to the shoulders, spine and back to release pressure – the areas that are most likely to be affected by day-to-day work. The Hydro P DL includes 16 surface LED lights and 4 LED fountains to create a truly exquisite atmosphere within your tub. Whether you’re spending time alone with your partner wanting to create a peaceful and romantic atmosphere during quieter evenings after work, or a lively atmosphere when enjoying an afternoon with the kids, it is easy to create the perfect ambience for whatever occasion. All Hot Tubs have synthetic PVC skirting, which is easier to maintain than real wood as it doesn't require treatment or varnishing. Our shells are vaccuum-formed acrylic that is then reinfoced with fibreglass, making it extremely strong.  The air-tight, rodent proof ABS base is filled with foam to prevent losing heat through the ground. An additional layer of blanket insulation along with a heat-reflective coating is added to the inside of the skirting panels to help reduce your electricity bills. It also lowers your pump noise, offering a more peaceful spa experience and helping keep your neighbours happy.


Name Hydro P DL
Size (cm) 200 x 200
Depth (cm) 90
Capacity / Seats 5 (3 seats and 2 loungers)
Jet Pump(s) 3 HP Hydromassage
Circulation Pump 0.35 HP
Total Jets 33
Stainless Steel Jets
Heater 2kW
Gecko™ Power System Gecko YJ2
Touch Panel Gecko IN.K300
Filtration (Sq. Ft.) 50
Underwater LED Main Light
Waterline LED Light 16 Surface 
LED Fountain Waterfalls 4 Fountains
LED Lit headrests x
Bluetooth Audio System
Audio Speakers 2
Insulation Foil Skirt, Foam Shell
ABS Pan Base
Electric (Amps) 13
Weight (kgs) 290
Weight Filled (kgs) 1,240
Water Volume (Ltrs) 950
Warranty  1-controls, 2-acrylic, 5-structure

HYDRO RIVER P DL Black 13 amp